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Who Gets To Be 'Hapa'?

As the term, 'Hapa' which means 'part' grows in popularity, so does debate over how it should be used. Hapa, the author notes, is claimed by many multi-racial Asian Americans but it is also claimed by a growing sovereignty movement in Hawaii. So for…

Baltimore Teens Find A Path Away From Violence Through Identity Projects

Ofori-Atta reports on a pair of sociologists who explain how nurturing kids' passions — whether for anime, customizing cars, or raising pigeons — has the power to reduce illegal behaviors.


Know Your People

Knowing your people entails developing a robust vocabulary and historical understanding of race, gender and other identity markers -- and these resources will help, writes Alaina Kleinbeck, the director of the Duke Youth Academy. Includes a list of…

Alana Lentin's Blog and Website

This is the blog and website of Dr. Alana Lentin, a political sociologist and social theorist who works on the critical theorisation of race, racism and anti-racism. Lentin is also the author of Racism and Anti-racism in Europe (2004, Pluto Press)…

How Apps and Other Online Tools are Challenging Racist Attacks

This blog post describes how people are increasingly using online spaces and digital tools such as anti-racism apps to strategise, challenge racist views and strengthen anti-racist solidarity.


François Hollande's misguided move: taking 'race' out of the constitution.

In this opinion piece in The Guardian anti-racism scholars Alana Lentin and Valerie Amieux discuss why not talking about races does not lead naturally to the demise of 'race thinking' but instead just obscures the persistent inequalities. "What makes…

Anti-racism (Videos)

Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin's lecture on anti-racism; what it is, history, relation to institutional and structural racism (state racism) and the importance of studying anti-racism.

Antiracism Postrace? (Videos)

Antiracism postrace--SD.mp4
Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin argues that postracialism is a simplistic misappropriation of the call to work to the end of race/racism since it does not believe that structures and strictures of race don't exist. Racism has come to mean everything…


Racism and Anti-racism in Europe by Alana Lentin (London, Anne Arbor, Mich, Pluto Press, c2004)

A comparative political sociology of anti-racism in Europe, showing the various discourses within this movement. Book Reviews, Arranged in Reverse Chronological Order, i.e. most recent first 2006.  Youlanda M. Gibbons, Contemporary Sociology 35(6)…

More than enough: Embracing multiple identities

Alanna Aiko Moore, Interim Assistant Department Head for Information Services and User Education and Librarian for Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies for the Social Science and Humanities Library, University of California, San Diego, shares a…

Why do some poor kids thrive?

Researchers tracked hundreds of students in Baltimore to find out what top achievers had that others didn’t and they found this: "kids who found what researchers call an “identity project,” essentially a passion or hobby that helped motivate them,…

What Can We Do? Becoming Part of the Solution

This is the last chapter in Allan Johnson's groundbreaking book, Privilege, Power, and Difference (2006). Allan's suggestion is deceptively simple. He suggests that each of us become aware of how we are privileged and contributes to the oppression…

Statement on Racism in the US and Anti-racism Resources

A joint statement by the Alliance of Baptists* as well as a document of resources compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker and Alyssa Klein, "intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our antiracism work." * The organizations are:…

Reflections on cultural humility

Given the complexity of multiculturalism, it is beneficial to understand cultural competency as a process rather than an end product. In Children, Youth and Families News, August 2013. CYF News is the newsletter for the Children, Youth and Families…

Race: Why are we so different? (Videos)

It turns out that all the visible differences contribute to less that .1 percent! This is a short video produced by The American Anthropological Association (AAA) to encourage meaningful discussion about race. Race is a short with a long history in…


Edward Alexander Bouchet: The First African American to Earn a PhD from an American University

The remarkable story of Edward Alexander Bouchet, Yale College class of 1874, the first African-American to graduate from Yale College. Later, researchers found at least three other black men had graduated earlier. "Whether Bouchet was the first,…

Comfort Women = Sex Slaves #CSW60

A photo record of Ecumenical Women at CSW60 (March 16, 2016) learning to witness to the truth of 'comfort women.'

Prince's Slave, Piccard's Solar Impulse and Beyonce's Lemonade (Videos)

What popular culture can teach us about individual faith and the Christian church; Includes a quick video.


Seeing beyond race: A mother's prayer for her son and her church

A short blog post that weaves personal stories with bible attempts to construct race, often foiled by God, and argues that there is nothing God-honoring about race. The church is called to the task for creating alternative language that reflects the…

The Racial Imagination and Categorization (Basics)

This is the first in a series of adult group Bible studies exploring The Racial Imagination and Categorization., A handout used for a seminar style 1-hr discussion. It introduces two verses from the Christian Bible, the classical view of categories…

The Racial Imagination and Categorization: Christian Culture and Identity

This is the third in a series of studies at an adult Bible study group on the topic of the Christian/Racial Imagination and Categorization. Use this handout to reflect on current perceptions of Jesus' skin color, and contrast it with the biblical…

The Modern Racial Imagination, Categorization and Identity

This is the second in a series of adult Bible studies that explored The Racial Imagination and Categorization. This handout was used by the group to discuss the cultural, national and ethnic aspects of identity as Americans and as followers of Jesus…

Building an Inclusive, Caring Community: Unveiling Perception and the Christian Identity

Handout from Forum 1 on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: brief definitions of racism and anti-racism, including distinctions between the new and the old forms of both;…

Reclaiming Ourselves: Seeing, Naming, and Communing as the Creation of the Imago Dei (Workshop on Anti-racism: Handout #1 Seeing, Naming and Communing Using the Lens of Christ; Handout #2 The Vocabulary of Anti-racism /Anti-racism Digital Library )

Two handouts from the Workshop on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: A working definition of 'anti-racism,' a vocabulary based on identity in Christ, and an invitation to…

Seeing with the Spirit

My faith story: how I chased knowledge, became de-churched, read the Gita, and found Jesus again

Theology, Race, and Libraries

Recent theological research into the origin of race and the presence of structural racism in library systems of knowledge organization are investigated in order to create a new “antiracism” vocabulary. Since such a vocabulary is best served with a…


The Tapestry: My Anti-racism Story

After the Charleston AME church shooting, Anita Coleman felt called to start the Anti-racism Digital Library & Thesaurus.

Freedom from the Culture: Our Identity is in Christ

This blog post is adapted from Day 26 of the devotional and Bible study, Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom published in 2013. Coleman reflects on Galatians 5: 26 and the lessons of peace and freedom from the culture that the diverse cultures of…

What is Anti-racism Survey? Survey and Report of Preliminary Results

An online survey with one multiple choice and two definitional open ended questions about anti-racism and racism. Preliminary results of 41 responses.


Discipleship and Diversity in the Bible

Key Bible verses to guide Christian discipleship in a plural and multicultural society. Includes a reflection question for the EasterTide season (Paschal Time) as well as the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.

Anti-racism Digital Library Glossary,

The Glossary of the Anti-racism Digital Library

Growing a Personal Anti-racist Voice and Identity

This is an 18-page 90 minutes anti-racism study about racialization. It includes a glossary with terms and definitions for 16 words, three poems, and several reflection questions. It can be done individually, with a friend, small group or large…

Using the Anti-racism Digital Library and Thesaurus to Understand Information Access, Authority, Value and Privilege

The new ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, specifically the six threshold concepts about information mirror the experiences of the author as a researcher studying the representation of anti-racism in bibliographic information systems. …

Embracing God's Diversity

Language and images are powerful ways to practice anti-racism, bring social change, and dismantle racism. Yet, we continue to use color labels such as "white people" "women of color" and "blacks.” This often perpetuates divisions and guilt rather…

Disrupting Racism: Next Steps (Presentation slides and text, Handout, Story with Lesson)

Educational Opportunity presented at The 2018 PW Gathering. Aug. 4th Anti-racism workshop / educational opportunity at PW Gathering 2018, Louisville, KY.

Description: This experience-based workshop will help participants gain a deeper…

Identity in America

Using American Census data and story-telling, Anita Coleman shares how an American Identity is also an Anti-racist Identity. The US Census categorizes people using skin color labels but we're under no obligation to do so (e.g. "white" and "black"…

Rise, Shine, Be Woke by Anita Coleman, Stephanie Patterson, Francena Willingham and others (Irvine, Calif.: Charis Research, 2018).

Rise Shine, Be Woke, By Anita Coleman, Stephanie Patterson, Francena Willingham, Ash Coleman.  (Irvine, Charis Research, 2018). [iv], 119 p. illus. Excerpt: 'I Quit Racializing Myself But My Church Did Not.'The Salt Collective.  Summary: The lived…

A Pentecost Prayer: Beyond Acknowledging Privilege, Allyship, And Solidarity To Ending Systems Where “I Can’t Breathe” Never Happens Again

A prayer and call to action in the wake of the protests that erupted nationally and globally, on Pentecost Sunday, which fell on 31 May, 2020.

Anti-blackness and Christian Ethics (Infographics)

This is an image that was created for and posted on the E.M. White Library Facebook page (July 18, 2020). It is a book recommendation.Here's the text that accompanied the post. In recent years black love has emerged as the moral heart of racial…

Growing a Personal Anti-racist Voice and Identity (2021 Update)

This anti-racism study takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and may be done individually or in small groups by downloading the text (15 pages) or as an online study. Contents include: Invitation, Prayer for Illumination, Outcomes Glossary…

A Trauma Informed Approach to Anti-racism

New scientific understandings about the impact of prejudice, bias, othering, and racism are presented. Two ground-breaking books are referenced: The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk, and My Grandmother's Hands by Resmaa Menachem. Briere's…