2023 Global Anti-racism Champions Honored (Videos)


59 second video.

Hear from the winners of the U.S. Secretary of State's 2023 Award for Global Anti-Racism Champions. The award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional courage, strength, leadership, and commitment to advancing the human rights of members of marginalized racial, ethnic, and Indigenous communities.

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Let’s hear what these champs have to say.
Rani Yan Yan, Bangladesh: The global scourge of racism and xenophobia cannot be eradicated instantly.
This endeavor is a continuous work in progress.

Sarswati Nepali, speaking in Nepali: I never dreamt that I would come to the U.S. and receive an award from the Secretary of State.

Oswaldo Bilbao Lobatón, Peru, speaking in Spanish: When the community recognizes you, you feel very very very very strong — to continue fighting.
Saadia Mosbah, Tunisia - Saadia Mosbah, speaking in French: I am happy today to raise the voices of the voiceless.

Kari Guajajara, speaking in Portuguese, Brazil: People need to revive the sense of community, and forget and abandon racism.
Victorina Luca, Moldova: Bring a change no matter where you are on this globe.

Rani Yan Yan: The path to justice is never meant to be easy. Yet, I am here, we are here standing our ground, and we are determined to strengthen and uplift the next generation of leaders and champions.


U.S. Dept. of State, Bureau of Global Public Affairs


August 2023





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