10 Iconic Poems by Maya Angelou Every Black Person Should Know


10 Iconic Poems by Maya Angelou Every Black Person Should Know


Maya Angelou lived life after life in her 86 years. She was an author, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer, and civil rights activist. However, she will probably be remembered most for being one of America’s most celebrated poets; for this is where her keen insights about life shine through.

Here are ten poems which show that Maya was indeed “One of the brightest lights of our time.” Her poems are like lanterns shining a potent light in a dark world. - Intro on Kentake Page.

The full-text poems are accompanied by photos of paintings. The 10 poems are: 

1) The Black Family Pledge
2) Alone
3) In and Out of Time
4) Still I Rise
5) Phenomenal Woman
6) A Pledge to Save Our Youth
7) Harlem Hopscotch
8) Touched by an Angel
9) On the Pulse of Morning
10) When you Come

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