Black History Month


Resources to help churches and congregations celebrate Black History Month with authentic deep learning. Intended audience: Churches in which the ancestry of the clergy and parishioners, congregants are from Europe.

In the US, Black History Month is celebrated annually in February.

In the UK, Black History Month is celebrated annually in October.

Scope: Initially, resources will focus on increasing understanding of the origins and history of BHM. This includes resources to help churches in USA celebrate BHM in February 2021. Subsequent collection development will be in keeping with the ADL subject coverage of global anti-racism.


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Maya Angelou lived life after life in her 86 years. She was an author, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer, and civil rights activist. However, she will probably be remembered most for…

From the website: South Asians and African Americans have been standing up for each other for over a century. These are the histories we were never taught. By Anirvan Chatterjee (@anirvan) of the Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour.…

Black Theology Reading Group Resource List. Includes books the group is reading as well as podcasts, web resources, and more.
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