...From White Supremacy: Individualism w/ Erna Hackett (Podcasts)


...From White Supremacy: Individualism w/ Erna Hackett (Podcasts)


Theology should give life, says Erna Hackett and the Christian theology with its western worldview and white supremacy has brought death to the millions it has marginalized and oppressed. This is one of a series of episodes in Reclaiming my Theology with Brandi Miller where she talks with different liberation theologians about attributes of White Supremacy and how we can bring it to our personal Bible studies and also begin to get rid of it in our churches.

In this episode, Brandi is joined by Erna Hackett to talk about individualism and the ways that it impacts how many of us see the scriptures and Jesus. They explore how this ideology operates in white spaces and offers opportunities to see and be another way. Special thanks to Erna Hackett and honor to the impact that Randy and Edith Woodley in particular have had on so many of us.

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About Reclaiming My Theology:

Launched in June 2020.

JuReclaiming My Theology is a podcast and community taking our theology back from ideas and systems that oppress. My name is Brandi Miller, some of you know me as @brandinico in online spaces. For over a decade, I have been exploring, unlearning, and reimagining my faith outside of systemic oppression and want to bring you along with me! Each season of the podcast will be a deep dive into a form of systemic oppression and ask how the values of oppressive ideas shape our hearts, minds, politics, and lived experiences. There are so many things to reclaim our theology from: white supremacy, patriarchy and misogyny, capitalism, homophobia, ableism and more. As we launch our first season, we will be reclaiming our theology from white supremacy. Each episode, I will talk to a guest about how the attributes of oppressive ideologies have infiltrated how we see ourselves, each other, and God. We will learn from marginalized communities who practice a different way, and seek to create a more just faith experience together. Episodes:


Liberation Theology


Brandi Miller


18 June 2020









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