On Being White


This is a collection of resources on whiteness and white identity. They are NOT the same thing although some anti-racism training conflates the two.

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This article explores how whiteness continues to remain a problem when working towards a public discourse which seeks the common good. Recognising that a public sphere where all can participate as equals is a space available only to a certain class…

Feminist researcher Sarita Srivastava highlights the differences between non-racist and anti-racist work. Non-racist work refers to a liberal colour-blind ideal of equality that wants to bypass differences through ignoring them. Anti-racism, on the…

What Can We Do? Becoming Part of the Solution
This is the last chapter in Allan Johnson's groundbreaking book, Privilege, Power, and Difference (2006). Allan's suggestion is deceptively simple. He suggests that each of us become aware of how we are privileged and contributes to the oppression…
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