Christian Hegemony (website)


Christian Hegemony (website)


Kivel defines Christian hegemony as the everyday, systematic set of Christian values, individuals and institutions that dominate all aspects of US society. Nothing is unaffected.

This website is part of a larger project to help people recognize, analyze, and resist all forms of Christian hegemony. The goals are to promote widespread awareness of Christian hegemony, to spark a deeper analysis of how it functions in the world, to support strategic resistance. and to offer alternatives that support deeper respect for the full range of human experience, social justice and interdependence with all living things.

Kivel continues: To be clear this project is not a critique of individual Christians or of their beliefs. Rather, it is based on the awareness that Christian hegemony has profoundly shaped our lives here in the West.

Elements of the project include:

The new book, Living in the Shadow of the Cross, a booklet addressing the language of Dominant Christianity, academic articles, video lectures, updated blog content, exercises and other resources, in-person workshops and trainings and consultations. A Bibliography adapted from Living in the Shadow of the Cross is also included.





Living in a Christian dominated World: An Exercise (5 pages) by Paul Kivel -
The Language of Dominant Christianity - 84 page booklet comprising on an extensive word list and their meaning sand origins -
What is Christian Hegemony? Adapted from Living in the Shadow of the Cross By Paul Kivel -





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