Jesus is woke and we should be too


Jesus is woke and we should be too


On Scripture - The Bible produces weekly multimedia resources on a number of social issues that are a unique combination of Christian Scripture, video, and Bible commentary. Released in the week after the Charlottesville weekend white supremacy violence, this one provides an introductory video (2 mins) on race as an artificial construct and racism as genocide, and a discussion and Bible commentary on Matthew 15: 10 - 28. Although it can be purchased as a package this link and description are about what is openly (freely accessible): A short introductory video, a 4 page essay by Jacqui Lewis with commentary on recent events and the Matthew 15: 10-28 verses, along with 3 questions for self-reflection and /or have a small group discussion and 3 books further reading.


Racial Justice


August 16, 2017



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