How Should Christian Theology Be Anti-Racist?


Stephen Waldron in this short article discusses how "sometimes, [though,] our theological anti-racism is weaker than it should be because of a limited definition of what racism is. ... Racism isn’t mainly about hatred of others and separation between people. ... Racism is about bodies and their relations to each other. Racism can put those bodies in proximity to each other so long as hierarchy is maintained. One must be over the other, able to exploit the other. They never meet on level ground.

BL: "In his persistent condemnations of those who held power and his preference for the victims of oppression, Jesus worked along the same lines as his mother. He consistently confronted and drove out oppressive forces, including abusive religious leaders, profiteering money-changers, and tormenting demons. That provides a context for theologically addressing racism."


Religion and Justice


Stephen Waldron

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