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Anti-blackness and Christian Ethics (Infographics)
This is an image that was created for and posted on the E.M. White Library Facebook page (July 18, 2020). It is a book recommendation.Here's the text that accompanied the post. In recent years black love has emerged as the moral heart of racial…

Cool Story: What does “cool” even mean in 2013?

Part 1 of a monthlong series on the history and future of cool. Excerpt: Cool has come a long way, literally. In a 1973 essay called “An Aesthetic of the Cool,” art historian Robert Farris Thompson traced the concept to the West African Yoruba idea…

4000 words.  Longform article. In this article, Enuma Okoro drawing on her own experiences, history, and the U.S. philosopher Elaine Scarry's "lateral disregard" concept, she asks, "How much has been lost to the West by the refusal to see beauty in…
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