The overarching goal of the Books collection is to increase the visibility and use of Anti-racism books in libraries. The subject focus of Anti-racism includes the origins of race, and its study in Anthropology, Religion, and Theology using critical race, deconstructive, decolonial, indigeneous, global, womanist, and interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives. Books whose major topic is not anti-racism, yet have facets of the subject 'Anti-racism' are also included. E.g. Susan Garrett's No Ordinary Angel.

The books are described using at least 4 fields: Title, Identifier, Description, and Author.
  • Title is the bibliographic citation for the book.
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  • Description provides other details of the book, links to full-text, excerpts, reviews, news, when available.
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The author is an Elder at Harvey Browne Memorial Pres. Church, Louisville, KY.  1373 - That's how many miles Veda was from home when she left her impoverished home to attend The Ethel Walker School in 1972. At 15, Veda found herself in a culture…

A Florida Center for Theological Studies Doctor of Ministry Project.

Explores the ethnicity of the Cushites in the Hebrew Bible. This book uses historical critical methodologies in the exegesis of biblical passages containing references to Cush-related terms, often producing fresh interpretations of these texts. …
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