The overarching goal of the Books collection is to increase the visibility and use of Anti-racism books in libraries. The subject focus of Anti-racism includes the origins of race, and its study in Anthropology, Religion, and Theology using critical race, deconstructive, decolonial, indigeneous, global, womanist, and interdisciplinary approaches and perspectives. Books whose major topic is not anti-racism, yet have facets of the subject 'Anti-racism' are also included. E.g. Susan Garrett's No Ordinary Angel.

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In this book, Thandeka explores the politics of the white experience in America. Tracing the links between religion, class, and race, she reveals the child abuse, ethnic conflicts, class exploitation, poor self-esteem, and a general feeling of…

Ghost Ship by Fr. Azariah, aka A.D.A. France-Williams, explores the harrowing stories of institutional racism within the Church of England. Through conversation with clergy and campaigners in the Church of England, A.D.A France-Williams issues a…

Author Interviews: NPR. All Things Considered. 6-min listen (audio file, which can also be listened or read as transcript). A White Face With A Forgotten African Family. 2012.…
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