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A Mote in Minerva's Eye: Seeing without categorizing

A Mote in Minerva's Eye: Seeing without categorizing is a blog about the intersections of culture and faith. This collection brings together 12 posts…

Contributors: Anita Coleman

American Identity

The American Identity collection brings together the narratives of individuals and groups who are claiming and carving identity as Americans without…

Anti-racist Identity

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism-thesis.pdf

The Anti-racist Identity Collection brings together resources that highlight the key characteristics of an anti-racist identity such as…



Interdisciplinary Classics in Categorization

Intersectional Invisibility


The Intersectional Invisibility Collection brings together narratives and research from around the world about marginalization, discrimination, and…

OC Cities for CEDAW

During 2015-2016 a group of volunteers came together under the leadership of the Orange County chapter of the United Nations Association and the…

Contributors: Anita Coleman
, Rupsi Burman

On Being White


This is a collection of resources on whiteness and white identity.

Presbyterian Women

Seeds Newsletter-August 2017.pdf

The Presbyterian Women (PW) collection includes all the documents related to the Anti-racism efforts from committee reports and visions to toolkits,…

Progressive Christians Uniting

This is the website of the Progressive Christians Uniting whose mission is to engage people and communities to embody Jesus’ way of compassion and…

Re-claiming Ourselves

The Reclaiming Ourselves collection brings together the websites, documents, resources and stories of a movement that is gaining currency and strength…

The Christian Imagination


The Christian Imagination collection brings together resources that can be used to engage people and communities to embody Jesus’ way of compassion…

The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule Collection brings together texts and interpretations from various faiths about the creation of humanity and how humanity is described…

The Intercultural Community, PC (USA)

Well Chosen Words - Inclusive and Expansive Language Resource.pdf

Open access (freely available) Confessions, Reflections, Vision statements, Policy statements, Responses, Reports and Tools from the PC (U.S.A)

Contributors: Denise Anderson
Tom Cramer
Mark Davis
Jan Edmiston
PC (U.S.A.)
Stephen McCutcheon
Jerry Tankersley
Derrick Weston

The Racial Imagination


The Racial Imagination Collection brings together resources that highlight the theological origins of race and its powerful grip, and influence on our…

White Supremacy

White supremacy is often thought to be connected only to extremist, right-wing hate groups. However, the term white supremacy is also a more specific…