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The New Black Theology: Retrieving Ancient Sources to Challenge Racism

This is a review of three books by three different Bible scholars often referred to as the Duke theologians: . Kameron Carter's Race: A Theological Account (Oxford University Press, 2008); the Ameri­can Academy of Religion's Award for Excellence in…


Building an Inclusive, Caring Community: Unveiling Perception and the Christian Identity

Handout from Forum 1 on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: brief definitions of racism and anti-racism, including distinctions between the new and the old forms of both;…

Reclaiming Ourselves: Seeing, Naming, and Communing as the Creation of the Imago Dei (Workshop on Anti-racism: Handout #1 Seeing, Naming and Communing Using the Lens of Christ; Handout #2 The Vocabulary of Anti-racism /Anti-racism Digital Library )

Two handouts from the Workshop on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: A working definition of 'anti-racism,' a vocabulary based on identity in Christ, and an invitation to…

Antiracism, Pedagogy, and the Development of Affirmative White Identities Among Evangelical College Students

CSR 36-3 Paris and Schoon.pdf
This qualitative study analyzes how evangelical college students make meaning of whiteness, and how they develop identities that promote anti-racism. After being exposed to anti-racist ideas in the classroom, students described whiteness as…


Multiple Religious Belonging: Opportunities and Challenges for Theology and Church

The author first examines the growing phenomenon of multiple religious belonging by outlining the theology of religions known as “inclusive pluralism” which serves as its theological underpinning. Next he offers a composite sketch of multiple…

Vocation: How does God call us to live out our faith?

This is a part of the Living Like They Believe series from Faith and Leadership (Duke University): 4 visual poems (videos) with accompanying lesson plans for participants and the facilitator, and the ways four ordinary people live out their Christian…

William Wilberforce: His Impact on Nineteenth-Century

William Wilberforce is remembered today mainly for his long Parliamentary campaign for the abolition of the slave-trade. He took up the cause of Africa and the West Indian slaves in 1786, and the Act of Parliament for Abolition finally received the…

Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself

This is the abridged revision of Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself: U.S. Catholic Bishops Speak Against Racism.

Initially issued by the Committee on African American
Catholics in 2001, as a compilation of more than three dozen articles by bishops…

The Cruelty of the Color-Blind Theory of Race in Evangelical Churches

Williams discusses the color-blind theory of race. “The color-blind theory refers to racial neutrality. According to this view, the color of one’s skin does not matter because we live in a post-racial society—that is, a society that has moved beyond…

Know Your People

Knowing your people entails developing a robust vocabulary and historical understanding of race, gender and other identity markers -- and these resources will help, writes Alaina Kleinbeck, the director of the Duke Youth Academy. Includes a list of…

Symbols of Unity: Material Multiculturism at World Youth Day

World Youth Day, celebrated from July 26th and 31st, 2016 is an international celebration organized by the Catholic Church and this year it brought an estimated 3 million pilgrims to Krakow, Poland. An important part of this celebration is the…

Embracing God's Diversity

Language and images are powerful ways to practice anti-racism, bring social change, and dismantle racism. Yet, we continue to use color labels such as "white people" "women of color" and "blacks.” This often perpetuates divisions and guilt rather…

Growing a Personal Anti-racist Voice and Identity

This is a 18-page 90 minutes anti-racism study about racialization. It includes a glossary with terms and definitions for 16 words, three poems, and several reflection questions. It can be done individually, with a friend, small group or large group.

Christian Hegemony (website)

Kivel defines Christian hegemony as the everyday, systematic set of Christian values, individuals and institutions that dominate all aspects of US society. Nothing is unaffected.

This website is part of a larger project to help people recognize,…

Jesus is woke and we should be too

On Scripture - The Bible produces weekly multimedia resources on a number of social issues that are a unique combination of Christian Scripture, video, and Bible commentary. Released in the week after the Charlottesville weekend white supremacy…

Discipleship and Diversity in the Bible

Key Bible verses to guide Christian discipleship in a plural and multicultural society. Includes a reflection question for the EasterTide season (Paschal Time) as well as the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.

Women's March 2017 (Signs)

A young girl carries a sign of why she marches (2017 Women's March, January)