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Anti-racism Digital Library Impactful, Usable, and Sustainable

We appreciate your support! We offer two levels of support and these are described below, followed by what we've accomplished in 2020 along with our future plans.

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What we've accomplished in 2020.

  1. Goal #1: Build Collaborations and Partnerships
    1. March 2020 - Inaugural Anti-racism Display, a permanent rotating display, was launched in E.M.White Library.
    2. May 2020 - Library of Congress Honors the Anti-racism Digital Library by selecting it for permanent archiving; the LC Web Archiving team sought and received permissions to add and archive the ADL to LC digital collections.
    3. May 2020 - Begin collaborating with Kristy Darby, Digital Collections librarian in the Library of Congress to develop Collection Development Policies for the ADL prior to inviting new partners.
  2. Goal #2: Create new anti-racism resources, select and add new resources based on the latest anti-racism research
    1. July 2020 - President Alton Pollard, III, requested and I created a new study, Growing a Personal Anti-racism Voice and Identity. Status: Completed.
    2. Maximize the theological piece of “anti-racism” in the Glossary. Status: Ongoing
    3. Add quality videos e.g. Tim Wise, DeCoded, Tedx, etc.. Status: Ongoing
  3. Goal #3: Create instructional, promotional, outreach, materials
    1. June 2020 - I collaborated with Chris Wooton to come up with a new logo for the ADL. The new logo of Open Hands, Open Book is described here.
    2. Monthly distribution of "Recent Additions" to the Anti-racism Digital Library.
    3. Create a basic video course that people can take online: How to Use the ADL.
  4. Goal #4: Digital repository services for LPTS faculty and student writings and publishing on anti-racism.
    1. April 2020 - July 2020 - The Louisville Seminary Collection and Lift Every Voice and Sing are tentative, exploratory examples. Next Steps: Discuss with faculty.
  5. Goal #5: Discover and establish a not-for-profit business model for the ADL.
    1. Collection Development: Using the PC(USA) collection model become the one-stop anti-racism digital library for mainline denominations – Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist, etc. Status: TBD
      1. Access: Create a sign-on and put selective resources behind it for paid access, so not everything is freely, openly available. Status: TBD
      2. Basic (System): Add registration and donation buttons to get a better idea of who is actually using the library and start building a user list. Status: TBD.
    2. Webinar / Online Workshops: Offer free public webinars and create a curriculum around it; i.e. invite learners for webinar, record it, then archive and so on… link from the webinar to more materials for in-person workshops, seminars, or one-on-one coaching. Status: TBD