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Chad Williams, chair of the Brandeis University African and Afro-American Studies Department, conceived a new hashtag, #CharlestonSyllabus, to crowdsource a list that provides information about the history of racial violence in the United States, and…


Compiled by librarians and teachers

Statement of Intention (June 16, 2016):

This living document exists as a resource to understand our pain and grief, sadness and healing in the wake of the shooting at Pulse Night Club on June 12, 2016. We…

Theological Reflections with Teenagers in the Wake of Charlottesville

Dietrich Kirk and Andrew Zirschky are "white youth workers working in predominantly white contexts, where discussions of racism are all too rare (something that must change)." They denounce silence about white supremacy and encourage conversations…

A Devotional Reflection on Race and Culture

This is a short prayer guide by On Earth Peace, a non-profit organization (faith tradition of the Church of the Brethren, one of the historic peace churches).

Summary from the Guide: This prayer guide can be used individually or by a small…

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism: Forms of Antiracism, Personal Reflection and Community-Building

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism-thesis.pdf
A Thesis Presented by Caitlin B. Homrich, Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS, February 2017, Department of Anthropology.


The Race Card Wall

About The Race Card Project, by Michele Norris
The Race Card Project encourages people to condense their observations and experiences about race into one sentence with just Six Words. Since it began in 2010, the Project has received tens of…

A Personal Response to Racism

In response to questions about being political, Wanda Beauman's letter to the Anti-Racism Team draws on her personal experiences to "single out a few concepts ... to clarify examples about the focus of our committee’s discussion regarding racism."…

Memo to White Feminists: It's Our Job to Dismantle White Supremacy - Now

We say we are horrified by racism, but we aren’t doing nearly enough to end it. Often, we even contribute to it. This article discusses the importance of dismantling white supremacy, specifies 8 different ways in which individuals can begin this…

The Costs of Racism to White People

Paul Kivel presents briefly "the costs of racism to white people are devastating, especially to those of us without the money and power to buffer their effects." Includes a Costs of Racism to White People Checklist
to helps examine the costs of…

On Being White ... And Other Lies

James Baldwin's essay published in Essence, April 1984

Language from police body camera footage shows racial disparities in officer respect

AbstractUsing footage from body-worn cameras, we analyze the respectfulness of police officer language toward white and black community members during routine traffic stops. We develop computational linguistic methods that extract levels of respect…

Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel

Paul Kivel offers a framework for understanding institutional racism. It provides practical suggestions, tools, examples and advice on how white people can intervene in interpersonal and organizational situations to promote social justice. Uprooting…

223rd General Assembly PC(USA): Anti-racism

Anti-racism related overtures from the 223rd General Assembly of the PC(USA), from the PC-Biz GA site, 150 pages. The help of Marney Wilde is gratefully acknowledged.  Thanks to Lemuel Garcia for sending me the amended version…

So You Want to Fight White Supremacy

The violent and deadly system of white supremacy is defined: White supremacy is not just about hateful actions of individuals or groups of individuals. It is a system that puts the belief that white people are superior to others into practice and is…

The Anti-Racism Activist That History Forgot

In the Jim Crow era, an African-American newspaper owner - Nick Chiles - made a biblical case against racism.

Becoming the Beloved Community: Antiracism Resource Packet (short version)

PW’s anti-racism resource packet created in 2010 is designed to help individuals and groups engage the issue of racism, both individually and collectively. Written and compiled by the PW Churchwide Coordinating Team Anti-racism Committee: Esperanza…

A Bystander’s Guide to Standing up Against Islamophobic Harassment (and Other Types of Harassment, Too)

A Paris-based illustrator and filmmaker who goes by the handle Maeril on Tumblr has posted a short and helpful illustrated how-to guide (1-page) for bystanders who want to step in and help someone experiencing Islamophobic harassment in a public…

A Call to Action by the Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (Called to be “… doers of the word and not merely hearers …” (James 1:22a)

In response to recent incidents of police shooting unarmed black men, the Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC) of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has published a statement. Buddy Monahan and Thomas Priest Jr., chair and vice chair of…

A Common Word: Between Us and You

The ‘a common word between us and you’ initiative (acw) was launched on October 13th 2007 initially as an Open Letter signed by 138 leading Muslim scholars and intellectuals (including such figures as the Grand Muftis of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Oman,…

A Parent's Role in Cultivating Healthy Black Kids (Videos)

You might remember Lacey Schwartz from a clip from Little White Lie, a documentary about her childhood spent believing she was white. Now, Schwartz is on other side of her journey of uncovering her racial identity—married to a black man and raising…


A Review of George Lakoff's Women, Fire, And Dangerous Things: What Categories Reveal About the Mind

This is a review that can be read online for free (with registraton at JSTOR) of the ground-breaking and interdisciplinary work of George Lakoff. Lakoff draws from Philosophy, Language and a variety of diverse disciplines such as Anthropology,…

A Sampling of Books By or About White Anti-racist Activists and Organizers

A List of 13 books published between 1958 and 2002.

A Visual History of the U.S. Race Box: An interactive chart shows all the racial and ethnic Census labels from 1790 to 2010.

Over the last 200 years, as Americans became more and more diverse, the little boxes on the U.S. Census Bureau forms that attempted to classify people by race multiplied. A new interactive visualization released by the bureau shows all the racial and…

“A Sharp White Background”: Towards an Intersectional Church

Zora Neale Hurston's famous line " “I do not always feel colored…I feel most colored when I am thrown against a sharp white background" is used as a starting point to explore what it means to be white in America.

AAS201: Race, Racism and Critical Thinking (Spring 2013, CSUN)

This is the syllabus for AAS 201, an undergraduate course taught Spring 2013 at CSU-Northridge by Dr. Gina Masequesmay. Catalog Course Description Introduction to the process of critical thinking through the lens of race-based theories and selected…

Aboriginal Education and Anti-Racist Education: Building Alliances Across Cultural and Racial Identity

A critical race analysis could provide both Aboriginal students and their university student advisors with knowledge to understand and potentially challenge the effects and processes of racialization that have historically, legally, and politically…

Alana Lentin's Blog and Website

This is the blog and website of Dr. Alana Lentin, a political sociologist and social theorist who works on the critical theorisation of race, racism and anti-racism. Lentin is also the author of Racism and Anti-racism in Europe (2004, Pluto Press)…

American Identities: Reflections and Provocations from SUNY-Fredonia and Students

These are student blog posts from AMST/ENGL 296: American Identities taught by Professor Bruce Neal Simon at SUNY-Fredonia (Spring 2006 - ?)

An Equity Profile of Orange County (2019)

121 pages. Extensives figures, illustrations, data drawn from Policy Link and PERE's Equitable Growth Indicators Database, U.S. Census and the National Equity Atlas. While the nation is projected to become a people-of-color majority by the year 2044,…

Anti-racism (Videos)

Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin's lecture on anti-racism; what it is, history, relation to institutional and structural racism (state racism) and the importance of studying anti-racism.

Anti-racism and Mission

Laura Mariko Cheifetz was the 2016 keynote speaker at the Presbytery of Los Ranchos (Southern California) Mission Summit in Tustin, Feb. 6, 2016. This is the complete text of her talk as well as the handout with the Full Cycle of Mission of graphic…

Anti-racism Digital Library Glossary,

The Glossary of the Anti-racism Digital Library

Anti-racism Graphic

This single page anti-racist graphic is a tool for reflection and accountability; color it, think about it, adopt it, and pass it on.

Anti-racist Work Zones

This is a thoughtful critique of anti-racist education. Using the free-ways metaphor Audrey Thompson notes the major ways in which anti-racism education is offered in the United States: Freirean Freeway; Hybridity Highway; Race Traitor tollway;…

Antiracism Postrace? (Videos)

Antiracism postrace--SD.mp4
Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin argues that postracialism is a simplistic misappropriation of the call to work to the end of race/racism since it does not believe that structures and strictures of race don't exist. Racism has come to mean everything…


Antiracism, Pedagogy, and the Development of Affirmative White Identities Among Evangelical College Students

CSR 36-3 Paris and Schoon.pdf
This qualitative study analyzes how evangelical college students make meaning of whiteness, and how they develop identities that promote anti-racism. After being exposed to anti-racist ideas in the classroom, students described whiteness as…


Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future

"How does a college writing instructor investigate racism in his classroom writing assessment practices, then design writing assessments so that racism is not only avoided but antiracism is promoted?" In Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies, Asao…

Asian-Latino Identity And Cultural Exploration Through Travel…And Food

Cynthia Mari Orozco, Librarian-in-Residence, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California writes about the role of food in her own identity. "Food is a powerful and subtle way in which communities share their culture, history, and identity…

Baltimore Teens Find A Path Away From Violence Through Identity Projects

Ofori-Atta reports on a pair of sociologists who explain how nurturing kids' passions — whether for anime, customizing cars, or raising pigeons — has the power to reduce illegal behaviors.


Becoming like Creoles : living and leading at the intersections of injustice, culture, and religion

Creolization offers a way of envisioning a future through interplay between cultural diversity, injustice and oppression, and intersectionality. Becoming Creoles prepares followers of Jesus to live in a world where injustice is real and cultural…

Behind the scenes at Rising Up With Sonali (Videos)

Behind the Scenes at Rising Up With Sonali-SD.mp4
Rising Up with Sonali is an independent daily 1-hour radio and television show. All their stories can be watched and listened from their website. This video is a 5 min look behind the scenes that describes how the daily radio and video show gets…


Beloved Illustrator Blasted By Fans Over Ferguson Artwork

In August 2014, Mary Engelbriet, the illustrator of many children's books and a line of greeting cards, posted a piece of anti-racism art on her Facebook page in response to the unrest that rocked her hometown, St. Louis–area town of Ferguson. The…

Bias Free Guidelines: PW /Horizons Stylesheet Addendum

Bias Free Guidelines for writing with inclusive and socially just language. Written to help writers and editors of the award-winning PW magazine, Horizons, these guidelines have a golden rule: Identify a person the way she or he asks to be…

Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance and Populist Protest

10 page Syllabus for Fall 2016, Frank Roberst course, New York University. 6 Required Texts, 5 Required Films and list of Weekly Topics.

From the killings of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; to the suspicious death of activist…


Black Youth Project

The Black Youth Project was a national research project launched in 2004 that examined the attitudes,resources, and culture of African American youth ages 15 to 25, exploring how these factors and others influence the decision-making, norms, and…