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The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism: Forms of Antiracism, Personal Reflection and Community-Building

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism-thesis.pdf
A Thesis Presented by Caitlin B. Homrich, Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS, February 2017, Department of Anthropology.


So You Want to Fight White Supremacy

The violent and deadly system of white supremacy is defined: White supremacy is not just about hateful actions of individuals or groups of individuals. It is a system that puts the belief that white people are superior to others into practice and is…

Memo to White Feminists: It's Our Job to Dismantle White Supremacy - Now

We say we are horrified by racism, but we aren’t doing nearly enough to end it. Often, we even contribute to it. This article discusses the importance of dismantling white supremacy, specifies 8 different ways in which individuals can begin this…

Seeds: Newsletter of the Presbyterian Women of the Presbytery of Los Ranchos (Fall 2017)

Seeds Newsletter-August 2017.pdf
Fall 2017 newsletter includes: Letter from the Moderator, Treasurer's Report, Fall Gathering Registration Form, Justice and Peace News, News from around the presbytery, and more.

Growing a Personal Anti-racist Voice and Identity

This is an 18-page 90 minutes anti-racism study about racialization. It includes a glossary with terms and definitions for 16 words, three poems, and several reflection questions. It can be done individually, with a friend, small group or large…

Theological Reflections with Teenagers in the Wake of Charlottesville

Dietrich Kirk and Andrew Zirschky are "white youth workers working in predominantly white contexts, where discussions of racism are all too rare (something that must change)." They denounce silence about white supremacy and encourage conversations…

Op: Ed How LAUSD successfully tackled the racial divide in 1969

In an op-ed to the Los Angeles Times daily newspaper, Paul Wallace and Joel Strom share their story of how two people, one black, one white, a dermatologist and a dentist are "products of the Los Angeles public schools, longtime residents of the…

White Flour (Website)

"When you're fighting hatred, hatred's not the thing to use. " White Flour is a masterful retelling and poetic recounting of the Coup Clutz Clowns real-life, humor-filled action against a hate group's march (real-life event on May 26, 2007 when…

Anti-racist Work Zones

This is a thoughtful critique of anti-racist education. Using the free-ways metaphor Audrey Thompson notes the major ways in which anti-racism education is offered in the United States: Freirean Freeway; Hybridity Highway; Race Traitor tollway;…

Shared Values and Particular Identities in Anti-Racist Education

Excerpt: In this essay, I would like to address some issues on educating about, and against, racism. Nationally prominent moral educators in the United States (such as those connected with the character education movement) have generally given…

On the Meaning and Necessity of a White-Anti-racist Identity

Excerpts from the article:

In this essay we argue not only that a positive, white anti-racist identity is possible, but also that it is fundamental to the success of any social justice
educational initiative. Central to our analysis is a…

Towards a Bibliography of Critical Whiteness Studies

This was published as a booklet in 2006 and can be downloaded as a pdf.

The current online version its table of contents are given below. Every section has an introductory essay that describes the topic and scope of coverage along with the list…

Whiteness as Property

Contents of this 15 page article include:
Cheryl I. Harris Poem for Alma (excerpt)
Plessy v. Ferguson excerpt

I. Introduction (a personal family story about passing)

II. The Construction of Race and the Emergence of White as Property

Christian Hegemony (website)

Kivel defines Christian hegemony as the everyday, systematic set of Christian values, individuals and institutions that dominate all aspects of US society. Nothing is unaffected.

This website is part of a larger project to help people recognize,…

Jesus is woke and we should be too

On Scripture - The Bible produces weekly multimedia resources on a number of social issues that are a unique combination of Christian Scripture, video, and Bible commentary. Released in the week after the Charlottesville weekend white supremacy…

Dismantling Racism: A Resource Book for Social Change Groups

This resource book is a compilation of materials designed to supplement a Dismantling Racism workshop. Because this resource book is never complete please download the latest version from the Western States Center's website. The version here was…


Thesaurus of Religious Occupational Terms

Thesaurus of Occupations in the Field of Religion TROT.pdf
Thesaurus of Religious Occupational Terms (TROT) was Prepared by the Joint Taskforce on Best Practices in the Field of Religion and Approved by the Network Development and MARC Standards Office Library of Congress as standard, with the acronym TROT…

The Representation of White Antiracism Activism in Children's Picture Books

This study looked at how white antiracism activism is portrayed to children through one of the most popular literacy tools, the picture book. Both written text and images in children's literature can contribute to understandings of race, especially…

Anti-racism Digital Library Glossary,

The Glossary of the Anti-racism Digital Library

Understanding Racism

This paper is the first of three to focus on anti-Aboriginal racism in Canada, beginning with an exploration of the concept of race, its history and contexts, and continuing with a discussion of the various forms of racism within societies. In order…

Language from police body camera footage shows racial disparities in officer respect

AbstractUsing footage from body-worn cameras, we analyze the respectfulness of police officer language toward white and black community members during routine traffic stops. We develop computational linguistic methods that extract levels of respect…

Worship Your God With Love, Not Terror Ad (Videos)

Zain, a Kuwaiti telecom company, debuted an anti-terrorism television ad on Saturday to usher in Muslim holiday — the holiest month in the Muslim calendar — Ramadan. Telecom firm Zain’s video advertisement discourages Muslims from becoming suicide or…

The Powerful Anti-Terrorism Ad That's the Hit of Ramadan (Videos)

The month of Ramadan is a time of peak TV consumption in the Arab world, and in turn, peak TV ad budgets. So the Kuwaiti telecom company Zain decided to make to the most of the holy season with a powerful three-minute musical spot urging Arabs to…

Unfair & Lovely

Unfair and Lovely is a Pax Jones original photo project aimed at combatting colorism on a global scale by highlighting its intersectionality. #unfairandlovely is the social movement initiated after the publication of the photo project. The social…

Discipleship and Diversity in the Bible

Key Bible verses to guide Christian discipleship in a plural and multicultural society. Includes a reflection question for the EasterTide season (Paschal Time) as well as the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.

Heineken | Worlds Apart | #OpenYourWorld (Videos)

Heinken’s ad features people who disagree on issues like climate change, feminism, and transgender rights. The ad shows them getting to know each other at first doing a task. Then, they are shown short videos that reveal their true opinions. Finally…

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What Racial Terms Make You Cringe?

This is the March 26, 2017 version of the Race/Related Newsletter from The New York Times, Some of the words that are aimed at are: Diversity hire. Ethnic. Exotic. Person of color. Urban.

In Pursuit of Antiracist Justice: Denaturalizing Whiteness in the Academic Library

This article examines racism and the culture of Whiteness in academic libraries in three major areas of public services: space, staffing, and reference service delivery. The authors perform a critical discourse analysis, drawing on critical race…

Women's March 2017 (Signs)

A young girl carries a sign of why she marches (2017 Women's March, January)

One Church, One Book (GA Co-Moderators Website for Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debbie Irving: A Study Guide by the Revs. Denise Anderson and Jan Edmiston)

The Reverend Denise Anderson and the Reverend Jan Edmiston, Co‐Moderators of the 222nd General Assembly (2016) of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), have invited the church to read and discuss the book, Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story…

The Social Justice Phrase Guide

The Advancement Project has partnered with The Opportunity Agenda to launch ‘Social Justice Phrase Guide.’ Summary from Advancement Project: Advancing a social justice agenda starts with being smart and deliberate in how we frame our discourse. The…

Well Chosen Words! Inclusive Language with Reference to the People of God. Expansive Language with Reference to God.

Well Chosen Words - Inclusive and Expansive Language Resource.pdf
This is a tri-fold brochure of the PC (USA) that offers inclusive words, language, images and principles for inclusion and justice to all people, including the people of God in the PC (USA). “A concern for inclusive language bespeaks the church’s…

Bias Free Guidelines: PW /Horizons Stylesheet Addendum

Bias Free Guidelines for writing with inclusive and socially just language. Written to help writers and editors of the award-winning PW magazine, Horizons, these guidelines have a golden rule: Identify a person the way she or he asks to be…

What is Anti-racism Survey? Survey and Report of Preliminary Results

An online survey with one multiple choice and two definitional open ended questions about anti-racism and racism. Preliminary results of 41 responses.


The Race Card Wall

About The Race Card Project, by Michele Norris
The Race Card Project encourages people to condense their observations and experiences about race into one sentence with just Six Words. Since it began in 2010, the Project has received tens of…

A Devotional Reflection on Race and Culture

This is a short prayer guide by On Earth Peace, a non-profit organization (faith tradition of the Church of the Brethren, one of the historic peace churches).

Summary from the Guide: This prayer guide can be used individually or by a small…

Uprooting Racism: How White People Can Work for Racial Justice by Paul Kivel

Paul Kivel offers a framework for understanding institutional racism. It provides practical suggestions, tools, examples and advice on how white people can intervene in interpersonal and organizational situations to promote social justice. Uprooting…

The Color of Success: Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority by Ellen D. Wu (Publisher Record)

Publisher's Summary:
The Color of Success tells of the astonishing transformation of Asians in the United States from the "yellow peril" to "model minorities"--peoples distinct from the white majority but lauded as well-assimilated, upwardly mobile,…

The Costs of Racism to White People

Paul Kivel presents briefly "the costs of racism to white people are devastating, especially to those of us without the money and power to buffer their effects." Includes a Costs of Racism to White People Checklist
to helps examine the costs of…

A Personal Response to Racism

In response to questions about being political, Wanda Beauman's letter to the Anti-Racism Team draws on her personal experiences to "single out a few concepts ... to clarify examples about the focus of our committee’s discussion regarding racism."…

The Canada experiment: is this the world's first "post-national" country?

When Justin Trudeau said ‘there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada’, he was articulating a uniquely Canadian philosophy that some find bewildering, even reckless – but could represent a radical new model of nationhood.

Terminologies of Oppression

From the About page: This page is generally maintained on unceded and occupied Coast Salish territory, which include the xʷməθkwəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish), and Səl̓ílwətaʔ (Tsleil-Waututh) nations respectively (Vancouver,…

Fielding The “What Are You?” Question

Anna Coats, Children’s Librarian at East Rutherford Memorial Library, Rutherford, New Jersey recounts a set of real-life conversations about the confusion her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural origins usually invoke. Coats, who is half Indian Guyanese…

Asian-Latino Identity And Cultural Exploration Through Travel…And Food

Cynthia Mari Orozco, Librarian-in-Residence, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California writes about the role of food in her own identity. "Food is a powerful and subtle way in which communities share their culture, history, and identity…

More than enough: Embracing multiple identities

Alanna Aiko Moore, Interim Assistant Department Head for Information Services and User Education and Librarian for Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies for the Social Science and Humanities Library, University of California, San Diego, shares a…