What Can We Do In Times Of Crisis: Actions For Social Justice


What Can We Do In Times Of Crisis: Actions For Social Justice


Professor Debra Mumford's email to the LPTS community encouraging prayer and meaningful action using the Padlet and describing its use so indivdual action can make a collective impact and transformation. 

Very often during times of crisis we wonder what, if anything, we can do. I have started a Padlet (electronic bulletin board with active links) that showcases actions we are each able to take to help realize social justice in the world https://padlet.com/dmumford2/6mlyz480kr9e1wrk. My posts include:

1. Reminder to pray
2. Link to Louisville bill to ban No-Knock Warrants
3. Link to find Metro Council Members so you can email/call them to support the Bill to Ban No-Knock Warrants
4. Link to the Louisville Bail Project (people remain in jail often because they are too poor to bail themselves out)
5. Link to The Bail Project (national)
6. Link to ACLU Protester Rights page
7. Link to register to vote or register to receive an absentee ballot 8. Link to complete the 2020 US Census

I invite you to add your suggestions of actions we can take or resources we can tap into to advance social justice in the world.

1. Go to link https://padlet.com/dmumford2/6mlyz480kr9e1wrk
2. Click on the pink plus sign in the lower right corner of the page
3. Enter the title of the resource you wish to share
4. Enter a brief description of the resource you wish to share (optional)
5. Click the link icon to paste the URL
6. Click Save

I will monitor the site periodically to approve any posts that you have made.

Debra J. Mumford (she, her, hers)
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Racial Justice


30 May, 2020


Louisville, KY. United States of America



Debra J. Mumford, “What Can We Do In Times Of Crisis: Actions For Social Justice,” Antiracism Digital Library, accessed June 25, 2024, https://sacred.omeka.net/items/show/305.