Towards a Bibliography of Critical Whiteness Studies


Towards a Bibliography of Critical Whiteness Studies


This was published as a booklet in 2006 and can be downloaded as a pdf.

The current online version its table of contents are given below. Every section has an introductory essay that describes the topic and scope of coverage along with the list of references. When the intro essays are short, I have included them here.

Table of Contents:



Histories of Whiteness: Carmen Thompson
Introduction: Historical analysis provides a necessary framework for considering the social and political moorings that have established whiteness as a category of analysis. Yet, as many of the works listed below demonstrate, this analysis does not always lead directly to clearly discernable black-and-white binaries, nor even to particular historical events. Whiteness as it has developed over time has not been fixed, stable, or deterministic; rather, it has been fluid, malleable, and complex. Historical questions concerning who was considered white, or not, and how these distinctions fluctuated throughout different eras prove useful in determining how whiteness traverses racial, cultural, ethnic, religious, gendered, regional, locational, and sexual lines within the United States and globally. Moreover, investigation of the national and the global, as well as the local and the personal, is where the historical research of whiteness offers its most exciting possibilities. Works listed in this section take issues ranging from slave laws to media representations and historicize their continuities and discontinuities, seeking to illuminate the virtually innumerable elements buttressing the historical construction of whiteness.

International/ Comparative: Melanie Bush

Introductory Whiteness Studies: Tim Engles & Carmen Thompson
As the title of this list implies, the following is a sampling of works that could serve as an initiation to the recent explosion of work in scholarly critical whiteness studies. Like many of these writers, we acknowledge that this work follows and builds upon a great deal of whiteness critique previously written by African American writers, and by those writing from other racialized positions. For an extensive sampling of such earlier work, see David Roediger’s anthology listed below, Black on White (and for discussion of such analysis as conducted by other racialized minorities, see Stephen Knadler’s The Fugitive Race: Minority Writers Resist Whiteness, listed under “Studies of Literary Whiteness”). Some of these works offer broad, multidisciplinary coverage, such as those by Delgado and Stefancic, Fine, Levine-Rasky, Hill, and Rasmussen, while others have a specific disciplinary focus, such as those by Lee and Helfan, Nakayama and Martin, and Yancy. Nevertheless, each provides a solid introduction to key concepts and practices.

Literature, Cinema and the Visual Arts: Tim Engles

Media: Kevin Dolan

Philosophy and Whiteness: Alison Bailey

Psychology: Lisa Beth Spanierman, Helen Neville, & Nathan Todd

Qualitative Inquiry in Critical Whiteness Studies: Kevin Dolan

Race and Space: Dianne Harris

Whiteness Theory in Education: Audrey Thompson

Whiteness Theory and Personal Narratives: Audrey Thompson


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