A Devotional Reflection on Race and Culture


This is a short prayer guide by On Earth Peace, a non-profit organization (faith tradition of the Church of the Brethren, one of the historic peace churches).

Summary from the Guide: This prayer guide can be used individually or by a small group, with the hope that God might grant courage for insight and action on race and racism as they appear in your life. These pages are meant for your own reflection and prayer, and to help create space through which God can move in your life, wherever you are in the struggle to address and overcome racism.

To get the most from this guide, you are encouraged to set aside at least an hour, and to begin by doing what opens you most deeply to God’s presence (suggestions: a familiar prayer, lighting a candle, several deep breaths, or a meaningful hymn or song).
Read the instructions slowly, pausing for reflection whenever a word or phrase stands out to you. Take your time and let God move in and through you. There’s no rush: It’s all God’s time. Take as long as it takes, and let God speak to you through this prayer time.


Devotional exercises






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