Miss Understanding. Two Faiths. One Friendship.


Miss Understanding. Two Faiths. One Friendship.


On a dark and stormy night in November 2011 at a local mosque, a small group of Christians and Muslims were gathering for their first “Meet Your Neighbor” event. Sondos, a board member of the mosque at the time, was to co-emcee the event with Michal, a Christian representative from a nearby church. They had connected via phone earlier that week and were looking forward to meeting in person. Little did they know that the event would spark a dynamic friendship that would stand the test of controversy, loss, and heartbreak in both women’s lives.

This blog is a space where Michal and Sondos will post their reflections — independently and jointly — on what it means to be a practicing Christian and practicing Muslim while building a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

Join Sondos and Michal as they study lessons learned from side-by-side readings of the Quran and Bible, laugh and cry at life’s twists and turns, and foster a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for them. Together, they aim to challenge the misunderstandings undermining Christian-Muslim relationships with the hope that their collaboration will bring much needed peace.



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