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Race: Why are we so different? (Videos)

It turns out that all the visible differences contribute to less that .1 percent! This is a short video produced by The American Anthropological Association (AAA) to encourage meaningful discussion about race. Race is a short with a long history in…


Comfort Women = Sex Slaves #CSW60

A photo record of Ecumenical Women at CSW60 (March 16, 2016) learning to witness to the truth of 'comfort women.'

Prince's Slave, Piccard's Solar Impulse and Beyonce's Lemonade (Videos)

What popular culture can teach us about individual faith and the Christian church; Includes a quick video.


Seeing beyond race: A mother's prayer for her son and her church

A short blog post that weaves personal stories with bible attempts to construct race, often foiled by God, and argues that there is nothing God-honoring about race. The church is called to the task for creating alternative language that reflects the…

The Racial Imagination and Categorization (Basics)

This is the first in a series of adult group Bible studies exploring The Racial Imagination and Categorization., A handout used for a seminar style 1-hr discussion. It introduces two verses from the Christian Bible, the classical view of categories…

The Racial Imagination and Categorization: Christian Culture and Identity

This is the third in a series of studies at an adult Bible study group on the topic of the Christian/Racial Imagination and Categorization. Use this handout to reflect on current perceptions of Jesus' skin color, and contrast it with the biblical…

The Modern Racial Imagination, Categorization and Identity

This is the second in a series of adult Bible studies that explored The Racial Imagination and Categorization. This handout was used by the group to discuss the cultural, national and ethnic aspects of identity as Americans and as followers of Jesus…

Building an Inclusive, Caring Community: Unveiling Perception and the Christian Identity

Handout from Forum 1 on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: brief definitions of racism and anti-racism, including distinctions between the new and the old forms of both;…

Reclaiming Ourselves: Seeing, Naming, and Communing as the Creation of the Imago Dei (Workshop on Anti-racism: Handout #1 Seeing, Naming and Communing Using the Lens of Christ; Handout #2 The Vocabulary of Anti-racism /Anti-racism Digital Library )

Two handouts from the Workshop on Anti-racism, Presbyterian Women of the Synod Summer Conference, Chapman University July 2016. Contents include: A working definition of 'anti-racism,' a vocabulary based on identity in Christ, and an invitation to…

Seeing with the Spirit

My faith story: how I chased knowledge, became de-churched, read the Gita, and found Jesus again

Theology, Race, and Libraries

Recent theological research into the origin of race and the presence of structural racism in library systems of knowledge organization are investigated in order to create a new “antiracism” vocabulary. Since such a vocabulary is best served with a…


The Tapestry: My Anti-racism Story

After the Charleston AME church shooting, Anita Coleman felt called to start the Anti-racism Digital Library & Thesaurus.

Freedom from the Culture: Our Identity is in Christ

This blog post is adapted from Day 26 of the devotional and Bible study, Casa Charis: A Daybook of Freedom published in 2013. Coleman reflects on Galatians 5: 26 and the lessons of peace and freedom from the culture that the diverse cultures of…

What is Anti-racism Survey? Survey and Report of Preliminary Results

An online survey with one multiple choice and two definitional open ended questions about anti-racism and racism. Preliminary results of 41 responses.


Discipleship and Diversity in the Bible

Key Bible verses to guide Christian discipleship in a plural and multicultural society. Includes a reflection question for the EasterTide season (Paschal Time) as well as the Serenity Prayer by Reinhold Niebuhr.

Anti-racism Digital Library Glossary,

The Glossary of the Anti-racism Digital Library

Growing a Personal Anti-racist Voice and Identity

This is an 18-page 90 minutes anti-racism study about racialization. It includes a glossary with terms and definitions for 16 words, three poems, and several reflection questions. It can be done individually, with a friend, small group or large…

Using the Anti-racism Digital Library and Thesaurus to Understand Information Access, Authority, Value and Privilege

The new ACRL Framework for Information Literacy, specifically the six threshold concepts about information mirror the experiences of the author as a researcher studying the representation of anti-racism in bibliographic information systems. …

Embracing God's Diversity

Language and images are powerful ways to practice anti-racism, bring social change, and dismantle racism. Yet, we continue to use color labels such as "white people" "women of color" and "blacks.” This often perpetuates divisions and guilt rather…

Disrupting Racism: Next Steps (Presentation slides and text, Handout, Story with Lesson)

Educational Opportunity presented at The 2018 PW Gathering. Aug. 4th Anti-racism workshop / educational opportunity at PW Gathering 2018, Louisville, KY.

Description: This experience-based workshop will help participants gain a deeper…

Identity in America

Using American Census data and story-telling, Anita Coleman shares how an American Identity is also an Anti-racist Identity. The US Census categorizes people using skin color labels but we're under no obligation to do so (e.g. "white" and "black"…

Rise, Shine, Be Woke by Anita Coleman, Stephanie Patterson, Francena Willingham and others (Irvine, Calif.: Charis Research, 2018).

Rise Shine, Be Woke, By Anita Coleman, Stephanie Patterson, Francena Willingham, Ash Coleman.  (Irvine, Charis Research, 2018). [iv], 119 p. illus. Excerpt: 'I Quit Racializing Myself But My Church Did Not.'The Salt Collective.  Summary: The lived…

223rd General Assembly PC(USA): Anti-racism

Anti-racism related overtures from the 223rd General Assembly of the PC(USA), from the PC-Biz GA site, 150 pages. The help of Marney Wilde is gratefully acknowledged.  Thanks to Lemuel Garcia for sending me the amended version…

Results of CEDAW (Videos)

In 1998 City of San Francisco adopted CEDAW and Rupsi Burman briefly describes the reduction in crime that the city has experienced since then.


USA Cities That Have Implemented CEDAW

Rupsi Burman, chair of the OC Cities for CEDAW taskforce names the cities in the USA that have implemented CEDAW.

Why CEDAW for the OC?

Rupsi Burman, chair of the OC Cities for CEDAW taskforce explains why we need CEDAW.

Fielding The “What Are You?” Question

Anna Coats, Children’s Librarian at East Rutherford Memorial Library, Rutherford, New Jersey recounts a set of real-life conversations about the confusion her multi-ethnic and multi-cultural origins usually invoke. Coats, who is half Indian Guyanese…

Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies: Teaching and Assessing Writing for a Socially Just Future

"How does a college writing instructor investigate racism in his classroom writing assessment practices, then design writing assessments so that racism is not only avoided but antiracism is promoted?" In Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies, Asao…

Anti-racist Work Zones

This is a thoughtful critique of anti-racist education. Using the free-ways metaphor Audrey Thompson notes the major ways in which anti-racism education is offered in the United States: Freirean Freeway; Hybridity Highway; Race Traitor tollway;…

On the Meaning and Necessity of a White-Anti-racist Identity

Excerpts from the article:

In this essay we argue not only that a positive, white anti-racist identity is possible, but also that it is fundamental to the success of any social justice
educational initiative. Central to our analysis is a…

Beloved Illustrator Blasted By Fans Over Ferguson Artwork

In August 2014, Mary Engelbriet, the illustrator of many children's books and a line of greeting cards, posted a piece of anti-racism art on her Facebook page in response to the unrest that rocked her hometown, St. Louis–area town of Ferguson. The…

Just what is "diversity" and why is it important in leadership? (Videos)

Bob Ross explains the definition and relevance of "diversity" - humans have far more similarities than differences.

Decolonizing Antiracism

Lawrence and Dua discuss how Aboriginal people and perspectives have historically been excluded from anti-racism movements, and how anti-racism can be de-colonized and indigenous people groups included using critical race, feminism, and indigeneity.

Choose Your Own Identity

Bonnie Tsui in this essay in The New York Times Magazine describes her struggle to explain the concept of race vs. culture and heritage to her 5-year old son, triggered by his comment, "You're Chinese. I'm not. But I eat Chinese food." Tsui is a…


Redeeming Mulatto: a theology of race and Christian hybridity by Brian Bantum (Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2016)

"Brian Bantum reconciles the particular with the transcendent to account for the world as it is: mixed. He constructs a remarkable new christological vision of Christ as tragic mulatto-- one who confronts the contrived delusions of racial purity and…

The Death of Race: Building a New Christianity in a Racial World by Brian Bantum (Minneapolis, Fortress Press, 2016) (Series: Theology for the People)

The Death of Race: Building a New Christianity in a Racial World by Brian Bantum, Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2016.  182 pages. (Theology for the People series) ISBN-10: 1506408885; ISBN-13: 978-1506408880Brian Bantum says that race is not merely an…

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism: Forms of Antiracism, Personal Reflection and Community-Building

The Process to Political Mobilization in Five College Capitalism-thesis.pdf
A Thesis Presented by Caitlin B. Homrich, Submitted to the Graduate School of the University of Massachusetts Amherst in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of MASTER OF ARTS, February 2017, Department of Anthropology.


Lemonade Syllabus: A Collection of Resources Celebrating Black Womanhood

A list of readings from diverse disciplines English, Black Feminist Studies, Critical Theory, Historical and Cultural Studies, Literature, Religion and Womanist Theology, and more that includes fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, poetry, music,…

Should the U.S. Provide Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow?

This academic essay traces the major issues in the reparations arguments that began even before slavery ended and continue unabated today.

Social Criticism of Four Major Knowledge Organization Systems: An Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography, prepared for INFO 522: Information Access and Resources course (2012), covers criticism of bias in the four major knowledge organization systems currently in use in the majority of libraries across the globe. They are the Library…

Passionate for Justice: Ida B. Wells as prophet for our time by Catherine Meeks and Nibs Stroupe (Church Publishing Inc., 2019)

Passionate for Justice: Ida B. Wells as Prophet for Our Time By Catherine Meeks & Nibs Stroupe. Church Publishing, Inc. 2019. 160 pages. ISBN 978-1-64065-160-9. This book is a reflection on Wells’ life and witness and on the power of race in the…