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Redlining Louisville: Racial Capitalism and Real Estate

This is an impeccably researched history of redlining in Louisville, KY with maps. The About section contains the narrative history with quotes from books. The richly detailed sections of web-based maps that one can zoom in or out and manipulate in…

The Gateway to the South: Regional Identity and the Louisville Civil Rights Movement

[Paywall content free to read during the COVID19 pandemic]

Develop Louisville: Redlining Lousiville (Open Data)

Redlining refers to the practice of denying loans in certain neighborhoods because of socioeconomic characteristics rather than physical, design, or structural characteristics.The Home Owner's Loan Corporation (HOLC) was created in 1933 to aid the…

Slavery in Early Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky 1780-1812

Founded by Virginia soldiers and settlers, Louisville was stamped from its earliest days by the institution of slavery, writes the monumental scholar, community leader, and Director of the UofL Pan-African Studies Program, Dr. J. Blaine Hudson.