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Why Anti-Racism Will Fail: A Response

A 3 page response. David Bumbaugh affirms Thandeka's stance "I thank Thandeka for helping me understand the way issues of race have been used to distract us from questions of power-who has it, who uses it, who is served by it." Bumbaugh concludes…

Why Anti-racism Will Fail

8 pages. The Rev. Dr. Thandeka critiques the anti-racism stance of her denomination, Unitarian Universalists, whereby all white people are demonized as racists. She suggests that love and healing offer more sustainable anti-racism.

What We Get Wrong About Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

This is an important read for anyone who wants to get involved in anti-black systemic racism reform. Meticulously researched and footnoted with data. Ten myths busted and the solutions made crystal clear for the reform of structural racism in the…

E Pluribus Unum - The Last Poets

Excerpt from Genius where this poem resides: “E Pluribus Unum” is a spoken-word song with minimal instrumentation that explores the US Government, specifically, the dollar bill. The spoken-word nature of the song is similar to that of Gill-Scott…

Black Lives Matter: Race, Resistance and Populist Protest

10 page Syllabus for Fall 2016, Frank Roberst course, New York University. 6 Required Texts, 5 Required Films and list of Weekly Topics.

From the killings of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri; to the suspicious death of activist…


The Case for Scholarly Reparations

Race, the history of sociology, and the marginalized man – lessons from Aldon Morris’ book “The Scholar Denied”

Race: Why are we so different? (Videos)

It turns out that all the visible differences contribute to less that .1 percent! This is a short video produced by The American Anthropological Association (AAA) to encourage meaningful discussion about race. Race is a short with a long history in…


Should the U.S. Provide Reparations for Slavery and Jim Crow?

This academic essay traces the major issues in the reparations arguments that began even before slavery ended and continue unabated today.

Colours of Resistance Archive

This is the archival website of Colours of Resistance! This collection of articles and resources documents the Colours of Resistance movement's history and help in advancing anti-racism analysis and organizing.

Colours of Resistance (COR) was a…

Naming and Framing Anti-racism (Dismantling Racism Handout)

This is an exercise / activity to help advance racial justice in a long-term and sustainable way. It teaches naming and framing racism explicitly in organizing.


Race, Power and Policy: Dismantling Structural Racism

This is a workbook meant to be used in a weekend long session with followup to help people intergrate learning. Prepared for National People’s Action by the Grassroots Policy Project, the 38 page document contains an Introduction, 5 sections,…


The Ever-Growing Gap: Without Change African-American and Latino Families Won't Match White Wealth for Centuries

Racial and economic inequality are the most pressing social issues of our time. In the last decade, we have seen the catastrophic economic impact of the Great Recession and an ensuing recovery that has bypassed millions of Americans, especially…

Diversity Terms

This is a glossary of "Multicultural Relations Diversity Terms" from the website of the Princeton Theological Seminary's Office of Multicultural Relations is "an introduction and an educational resource provided by The National Multicultural…


Yale Janitor's Act of Civil Disobedience A Stand Against Racism

An NBC News account.
" Year after year, as he meticulously swept the dining hall floors at Yale University, Corey Menafee passed beneath the stained glass window depicting African American slaves carrying bales of cotton in a snowy white cotton…