Comfort Women at CSW60

At UN CSW60 there was a parallel event on Thursday, March 17, that denied the truth of the 'comfort women.' ‘Comfort women’ refers to women who were coerced or forced into providing sexual services to the soldiers and officers of the Japanese Imperial Army during WWII (1939-45) at military brothels known as ‘comfort stations.’ The 'comfort women' situation is extremely political as well as social spanning human rights, social and cultural practices, and national security.  The issue remains highly charged in Japan and Korea, and increasingly the US, despite a landmark deal, reached in Dec. 2015. The agreement was rejected by the ‘comfort women’ as they were not included at the negotiating table. This exhibition shows how we, a group of Ecumenical Women came together to witness to the truth of 'comfort women' at CSW60. 


Anita Coleman