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The American Identity collection brings together the narratives of individuals and groups who are claiming and carving identity as Americans without racial tones. Language, culture, ethnicity, faith, geographic and national origins (including multiple land origins) along with class (economic and educational), and various occupational and other professional group memberships, it turns out, have far more meaning than the U.S. census categories that tend to predominate in the news media.


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Systems of oppression are individual, institutional, and societal and their effects on people have a long history deeply rooted in American culture. American identity is nuanced and intersectional. Racism is only one of the ways in which inequities…

Identity in America
Using American Census data and story-telling, Anita Coleman shares how an American Identity is also an Anti-racist Identity. The US Census categorizes people using skin color labels but we're under no obligation to do so (e.g. "white" and "black"…

This is the March 26, 2017 version of the Race/Related Newsletter from The New York Times, Some of the words that are aimed at are: Diversity hire. Ethnic. Exotic. Person of color. Urban.
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