Anti-Racism in Libraries and Archives


Resources related to anti-racism research, activities, policy, and activism in American libraries, archives, and special collections. This includes public, academic, school, government, and corporate libraries and archives.

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Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia: Anti-Racist Description Resources.
Anti-Racist Description Resources is a 36-pages guide created by Archives for Black Lives in Philadelphia’s Anti-Racist Description Working Group. It identifies the many ways that archivists can begin addressing racist and oppressive description in…

Shifting Information Realities
Text of the Address by Dr. Anita S. Coleman at her Faculty Installation, 167th Spring Convocation of Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Louisville, KY, USA - 4 February 2021.

9 pages and includes References.

Topics: Transformation…

This white paper was produced as one of the outcomes of the first meeting of the IMLS grant-funded Collective Responsibility: National Forum on Labor Practices for Grant-Funded Digital Position. In it, the authors describe their methodology for…
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