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During 2015-2016 a group of volunteers came together under the leadership of the Orange County chapter of the United Nations Association and the Women's Intercultural Network to bring CEDAW to all 34 cities of the OC. The chair of the OC Cities for CEDAW task force is Rupsi Burman. This collection houses the documents prepared by the OC Cities of CEDAW taskforce such as the report, videos, and presentations made to City Councils.


  • Anita Coleman
  • Rupsi Burman


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A sample CEDAW ordinance that any city can use as a template to adopt and pass CEDAW

The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) is the only international human rights treaty to focus exclusively on the rights of women. Adopted by many countries in 1979, CEDAW has been ratified by 186 of…

The Typology on Training for Gender Equality is a classification of the types of training for gender equality: awareness-raising and consciousness-building, knowledge enhancement, skills training, change in attitudes/behaviours, and mobilisation for…
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