Environmental Justice


This collection has information resources on environmental justice also known as eco-justice, environmental justice movements, attempts to achieve environmental equity for all people, and ecotheology (ecological theology).

Five principles of environmental justice are:
1) guaranteeing the right to environment protection,
2) preventing harm before it occurs,
3) shifting the burden of proof to the polluters,
4) obviating proof of intent to discriminate, and
5) redressing existing inequities.


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The Cry of the Earth and The Cries of the Poor: An OFM Study Guide on the Care of Creation
A beautifully illustrated 48 page guide that opens with the Canticle of Creatures. "The resource booklet which you are about to read is likewise an exhortation to be open to the world around us, to listen attentively to all those creatures who…

Under 2 min video from Audiopedia. Provides a brief definition, meaning, and explanation of the ecotheology movement.

Originally published in Portuguese, this edition is in English.  "In his latest work, the noted Latin American theologian Leonardo Boff extends the intuitions of liberation theology, showing how they contribute to answering urgent questions of…
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