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The Louisville Seminary Collection includes statements, reflections, calls to action, course syllabi, scholarship, reviewed research, institutional plans and other writings in the area of Anti-racism.

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This online anti-racism study takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and may be done individually or in small groups. 15 pages. Contents include: Invitation, Prayer for Illumination, Outcomes Glossary Reading Discussion/Reflection Poetry…

Pentecost 2020, Liturgical Watercolor: Artist Statement
Marcus Hong reflects Acts 2 chapter 2, the violent disruption of the original Pentecost, and today's Pentecost 2020 protests in support of Black Lives Matter. This is art-in-action, helping and inspiring us to action. Direct URL:…

Lift Every Voice and Sing, An Anti-racism Reader for Everyone: Art-In-Action | Faith-In-Action | Love-In-Action | Truth-In-Action | Witness-In-Action
Writings, art, protest photos, prayers, reflections, statements, stories, and more from the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary community all created in the first month - June - of the Summer of 2020 protests in support of BLM show how faith…
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