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The Reclaiming Ourselves collection brings together the websites, documents, resources and stories of a movement that is gaining currency and strength as individuals and groups work for equity and reclaim human dignity.


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Why Anti-Racism Will Fail: A Response
A 3 page response. David Bumbaugh affirms Thandeka's stance "I thank Thandeka for helping me understand the way issues of race have been used to distract us from questions of power-who has it, who uses it, who is served by it." Bumbaugh concludes…

Why Anti-racism Will Fail
8 pages. The Rev. Dr. Thandeka critiques the anti-racism stance of her denomination, Unitarian Universalists, whereby all white people are demonized as racists. She suggests that love and healing offer more sustainable anti-racism.

This is an important read for anyone who wants to get involved in anti-black systemic racism reform. Meticulously researched and footnoted with data. Ten myths busted and the solutions made crystal clear for the reform of structural racism in the…
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