Anti-racist Identity


The Anti-racist Identity Collection brings together resources that highlight the key characteristics of an anti-racist identity such as Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Humility, Inclusivity, Inter-faith Dialogue, Solidarity, Witness-bearing (Christian), and more. Scholarly definitions, the global history and the heterogeneity of anti-racism are also included here. Resources in this collection offer tools to combat racism and critiques of anti-racism.


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This is a list with brief but helpful descriptions of children's books on race and justice arranged by reading level (Babies and toddlers, Pre-K-2nd, 3rd-6th, 7th and up), articles (some with teacher and parent perspectives), videos and multimedia,…

Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin's lecture on anti-racism; what it is, history, relation to institutional and structural racism (state racism) and the importance of studying anti-racism.

Antiracism Postrace? (Videos)
Anti-racism scholar Alana Lentin argues that postracialism is a simplistic misappropriation of the call to work to the end of race/racism since it does not believe that structures and strictures of race don't exist. Racism has come to mean everything…
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